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Wiltshire, Wi, United Kingdom

Quick Blurb

Designing and making things has always been way of life for me. I love to create and have been doing so since childhood.


My main interests are wandmaking, sculpting, Native American beadwork, jewellery making, shamanic and pagan crafts, ancient cultures, working with natural materials, travelling and music.

Skills and Techniques

I like designing and I have an eye for detail, I also beadweave, work with polymer clay and epoxy resins. wire wrap crystals, work with wood and other natural materials.

Get to Know

Designing and making things has always been a way of life for me. I am passionate about what I do and nothing gives me more pleasure than creating something special that will bring much joy to somebody. I have been drawn to all things magical and mysterious since childhood and my greatest inspiration comes from Nature, Native American, Pagan and Egyptian cultures.

I studied art and design at college and I also did some photography, fashion and graphics. I am self taught in jewellery making, sculpture and wand making. I have been selling my creations at fairs, festivals and pow wows for around ten years or so now and for two years online.

I also love travelling, live music, visiting sacred sites and celebrating life. I live in the U.K with my partner, a crazy cat and lots of plants.

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