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Killeen, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

I have been making beaded necklaces for almost 20 years and I love it. I hope you do too. Special orders welcome!


BEADING! Cooking, crafts, reading, movies, drawing, gallavanting, coffee, and foods with a lot of cheese.

Skills and Techniques

I buy beads from all over the place, and I look for interesting shapes to compliment and contrast with each other. I love taking apart other pieces to use the components for my own designs. I have fallen in love with polymer clay, and the unique and practical way it allows me to create my own one-of-a-kind pendants. My other specialty is shrink-plastic earrings, "Upcycled Magic." These are made from material that would otherwise wind up in a landfill-now re-purposed into cute accessories.

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Get to Know

Hi! I'm Angelique, aka "Drunkenmimes Ecclectic LadyLand," from Lancaster, CA. I have been crafting and drawing for many years, but beading is my biggest passion. I make a variety of glass bead creations that are eclectic in style and feature a wide range to suit women of all ages and tastes. I am open to different color/pendant/design possibilities, and magnetic clasping per request, so please feel free to ask for special orders. I have a local fan base of customers who have been buying my creations for several years. When I was a child and teenager, I loved drawing, singing, making collages, and then I started experimenting with beads. Now, I still love doing all of those things, but beading and polymer clay have taken over as my biggest passions. I am constantly dreaming up new jewelry schemes, and I love Artfire for the inspirational and creative community it provides. With so many different artistic endeavors I enjoy, I never thought this would be my main niche, but it is, and always will be. My family is very supportive of my work.

When you buy handmade you are supporting little people, instead of big manufacturers. You are showing appreciation for the work of individual artisans and the passion they have for their craft. It makes a huge statement about you and your values, as well as contributing to culture.

Note about shopper comments: If a buyer does not choose to open an Artfire patron account (which is free), they can't leave feedback for their purchases, which is why you see more sales than comments on my seller profile. Having an Artfire Patron account also makes it easier to review your orders and will allow you to keep a favorites list to refer to later.

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