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Shawnee, OK, United States


My interests outside of beading mainly revolve around reading, the outdoors, and going to gem and rock shows. Often times I will get my beads from either there or a store. I've found that going to gem and rock shows has you leaving with fascinating information and often times an amazing haul or cool little trinket (I once bought a small bottle of Rose Quartz chips). And who knows, going to those shows may inspire you in ways you never imagined.

Skills and Techniques

Not many special skills used in my particular brand of beading, but I've definitely had to wrangle some wire before that was so stubborn it'd've put a mule to shame. My techniques are really just trying to find colors that compliment each other and finding mediums (wood, stone, metal, etc.) that flow together and don't over power each other (a.k.a. feng shui).

Get to Know

My business as of February 2017 is very young, but I believe it will be able to make it! As of now, my product photos may not be the best, but there is always room for improvement. Evermore Beading is meant to brighten up someone's day with the product you purchase and bring some awesome jewelry to your already awesome wardrobe. Every necklace is handmade by me and I can guarantee there is only one like it because I only made a single necklace like it! When I say "one of a kind" or "unique", I really do mean it. :)