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Richmond, Virginia, United States

Quick Blurb

Faith Works to bring the beauty back in your life with our "handmade items for the spiritually minded".


crochet, knit, herbal, ceramics, origami, paint, decoupage, jewelry, macrame, religious, custom, Pagan

Skills and Techniques

We work with a number of fiber arts (crochet, knit, cross stitch, needlepoint, macrame/knotwork, braiding), as well as herbal bath & beauty products, ceramics, decoupage (various items), jewelry design (wire work, hemp, leather/suede, and other fibers). We work in stained glass and a number of our items are available in cross categories or are a mixture of several media.

Find me online @:

http://sites.google.com/site/fth… http://www.facebook.com/fthwrks http://fthwrks.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/FTHWRKS

Get to Know

Spotlight on the Artist - Aradia Goseling

A lifelong crafter, Aradia Goseling has always delighted in "tinkering around" with making things. From early beginnings as a child in her mother's store, braiding and knotting embroidery thread, to later ventures with origami and sketching.

She has taken on many ventures and delved into several art forms: macrame, origami, pencil and ink sketching, acrylic painting, chalk pastels, pottery and sculpture, needlepoint and cross stitch, sewing, crocheting, and soap making.

Also, throughout her life, she has been a gardener, from early days as a we tot, playing about in the garden, helping to plant and pick to finally running a garden and greenhouse in conjunction with Cottage Crafts.

" 'For me Faith Works is the marriage of all the things I hold dear in this world - helping people, creating art, and honoring myself and my family.' "

Spotlight on the Business - Faith Works

Why "Faith Works"?

The sum is greater than it's parts...or so they say. The name sake of the business is more than just a clever play on words, but an inspiring, albeit brief meandering into it's founder's past...

Once upon a time there was a little girl, whose mother was quite the prolific artist. It seemed that everything she picked up she very soon mastered and she became very respected in the artist community. She had her own business at the time, Noah's Ark Designs. As the girl, and of course her mother, grew, so did the business and newer and different crafts and projects came to pass and all at once the girl was an adolescent and Cottage Crafts had now replaced the former Noah's Ark. Cottage Crafts was known for it's pottery, and later some stained glass as well as handmade soaps and various crafts that had been adopted along the route of it's evolution.

In 2005, the girl's mother passed away, somewhat sudden, but not terribly. All her life the girl had been exposed to the beauty and wonder of art, tinkering as she would in her spare time, making friendship bracelets and the like, drawing, paint, making origami, and even dabbling a bit in stained glass. But at the advent of this major change in her life as one candle went out, another was lit. And so began the birth of "Faith Works".

We'll break it down for you..."Faith" is not just a noun, the belief one has in something, generally thought to be a spiritual belief. Faith is a peaceful stream, a state of existence, and wonderful place. It is one of the Christian virtues, and to be sure, something that all religions and belief systems can make use of. Oft overlooked is a faith in the self though - and it is that faith that tied with a "higher" and less physical form that leads us through life. Faith also refers to my mother's middle name and as well as the aforementioned reasonings, it serves as a memoriam for her and the inspiration she was to me.

"Work", scientifically defined, is force times distance. Work as a word holds a connotation to many as something toiling and relentless, the day in and day out dredge, something to be endured or even dreaded, but rarely enjoyed. To others it is the food on the table and clothes on their back and nothing more. There are many forms of work, and those that we refer to here are "works of art".

So as we piece it together what is meant by Faith Works is not just a religious devotion or belief and what it does for your life, but the artistic expression of beauty within the simplicity of all that is...hence why, "Faith Works to bring the beauty back in your life..."

About our motto...

...unique handmade gifts for the spiritually minded...

Life is beautiful, or at least, it should be. And things are only as hard as we think they are. But all in all things just "are". It is my supreme belief that we can all make for ourselves what we want of life, if only we have faith in ourselves.

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