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Savanna, IL, United States


History...especially Victorian and Edwardian eras have always fascinated. Recreating a Titanic Dinner from the original First-class menu is still a fond memory. My late wife was always brilliant at entertaining, and she jumped into this event with both fe

Skills and Techniques

Most of the items offered here started out life in clay. It allows the meticulous detail required for replicas or portraits. Creating the Medium Titanic Clock with all of its tiny details was a challenge since I spent decades making life-sized figures. I was frustrated to find that most of my wire loop and hardwood tools were too clumsy for the task. I finally went to the kitchen for some wooden toothpicks and they turned out to be the right sculpting tools for the job!

I enjoy working direct in Plaster of Paris when creating large sculptures for my home. (see bio pic), but my favorite material is bronze. There is nothing quite like it. Unfortunately, it is a prohibitively costly material (being mostly copper) and process (many steps and weeks involved) for most of us. Resin casts have proven to be a great solution. Resin casts capture all of the details of the original clay sculptures (just like bronze), but at a fraction of the cost. I like the way resin can be artfully painted with faux finishes from red oak faux bois, like my Titanic clocks, to patinated bronze, like the Houdini busts.

Find me online @:

http://www.alanstgeorge.com/ http://www.titanicclock.com/ http://www.havencrestcastle.com/ http://www.facemakersincorporate…

Get to Know

Alan began with a classical training in art from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He dedicated much of his life with his late wife to their 1901 home, covering the walls and ceilings with his sculptures and murals of the great art of the past. www.HavencrestCastle.com

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