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"During all these centuries of human life, Art was always been a constant flow and free brain development of something unique. Art has origins in the creativity mind due to our natural human nature. With natural mistakes and continuing learning of course. This means that the artist is the one that has creativity. The person that from a starting point creates something new. Something that is made from his own personal thoughts, feelings and enjoyment."


"Monet, Arcimboldo, Miguel Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Maluda, Pedro Calapez, Picasso, Amadeu Souza Cardoso, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Braque, C├ęzanne, Guido Reni, Carriaci, Rafael Sanzio, Klimt, Vermeer, Balthus, Burn Jones, Magritte, Jefflee Johnson, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Nataliall, Etel Adnan, Brett Weston, Helen Levitt, John Coplans, Helen Pashgian, Francesca Woodman, Peder Balke,Turner, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Carol Bove, John Currin, Caillebotte, Hopper, Rothko, Duane Michals, Formanger, Alaian Jacquer, Polke, Lucas Cranach, Andrei Molodkin, Jpsef Albers, Yves Klein, Lyonel Feininger, Adolph Gottlieb, Nadir Afonso..."

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Francisco Lacerda, a Portuguese artist, started painting near 2005, very young.
He creates Art to reflect on the relationship between color, science, nature and art.
Landscapes, photographs (and/or works by other artists), psychoanalysis, neuroscience, as well as personal thoughts, dilemas, dreams and memories inspire his Art.

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