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Alwar, RJ, India


I'm creative person by nature from birth. I was lucky to have a mom that taught me the basics of stitching and my interest since then only has grown. Now in my boutique, I make women and children clothing. Over the years I have worked with so much fabric that I have many loose pieces, so I've started patching them together to make quilts in all sizes. In addition to this hobby, I have a huge interest in painting oil on canvas originals. After a long day at work the painting in the bedroom studio relaxes me. So that's everything in short about me. Hope you enjoy my creations.

Skills and Techniques

I make everything from scratch at home on my sewing machine.
Most of my work is made to order. The products available in the store are ready to ship. But feel free to connect with me for custom orders.
We take orders for -
Girls Dress
Baby Frocks
Women skirts
Women tops
Women shirts
Baby Quilts
Custom size Quilts
Oil Paintings (landscape or portraits)

Get to Know

Frills by Madhu started in 1984 as a boutique for Women and Children clothing in a small town in India. There was a underlying hobby and a passion to make unique products from cushion covers and bed covers to all types of clothing and apparel to paintings and canvases - this was my fire. Initially I held a few exhibitions with all my handmade products. Gradually these exhibitions started doing really well and in a couple of years we were the leading made to order clothing unit in 100 mile radius of Alwar, India.

Today after 32 yrs, I have established ourselves as a well known name in the made to order clothing industry. As our venture to expand globally, we are opening this store with a small collection of our handmade products. Hope you enjoy our collection. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

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