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dayton, ohio, United States

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Promise 2b so strong that nothn can disturb ur peace of mind. Look@ the suny side of everything& make ur optimism comtru

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Hi, My name is Shannon I am 35 years of age, from Dayton Ohio. I am happily engaged to a wonderful man John. I have three beautiful boys. Brandon age 16, Zane age 11, and my little one Broderick Blane who just turned 5. My occupation is a starving hairstylist. I am trying to pursue my dream in opening my own hair salon. I have been practicing cosmetology for 16 years. I enjoy working with men, women and children. Nothing like making someone LQQk like a million, and Feel like a million..My hobbies are pretty much anything to do with my hands. I think I am highly creative. I can create or recreate anything i put my mind to. I work with soy candles, and homeade craft items on the side. I would like the word to get out and make a bigger success out of my creativity in and out of the hair industry. I have a nickname, Frogjunkiee. I collect frogs. I have loved frogs when my very first little boyfriend gave me a stuffed frog that said kiss me. I fell in love with frogs ever since. I then assumed the name Froglady. Well; come to find out Froglady was a common name. Then somebody gave me the name Frogjunkiee. I took the two ee's on the name to be different. That name has stuck with me ever since.My motto..Promise urself 2 b so strong that nothing can disturb ur peace of mind. Look @ the sunny side of everything & make ur optimism come true. Think only of the best, work only 4 the best & expect only the best. 4get the past and press on 2 the future If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions please contact me via email