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Palm Springs, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

We have a Prodigious Passion for Collecting Beautiful Objects from Around the World.....and Surrounding Ourselves with them..


Handmade Jewelry and Art in many forms.

Vintage and Antique treasures : Empire Art, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid Century, Retro, Mod, 80's.

Skills and Techniques

We are Long Time Collector of Every type of Item Imaginable. We adore Learning about Every Aspect of Each Period. We are also Very Happy to teach Our Clients about these Subjects and Era's. We Enjoy Expanding Our Horizons as Artists and Collectors....trying Other Types of Art...such as Creating Handcrafted Items. We have Proven to possess an Ability to Find Valuable and Rare Items from Around the World. I have been told repeatedly what a Great Eye I have. I believe this is from growing up amongst beautiful objects d'art. Our home was filled with treasures from around the world. Rare, Unique, Valuable, Highly Collectible, Quality and simply Stunning pieces which are truly investments. These items increase in value and collectibility, as they have been handed down from generation to generation. Our aim and delight is the ability to travel the country and the world searching for the creme de la creme. The item's age and era, combined with how well crafted, rare, historical and collectible the piece is...are all things we look for during our world travels. We aim to offer beautiful pieces that will not only add to your collection, but also will enhance and create a whole other ambiance in your home.
Our handcrafted items are created with love. We strive to create a range of fun and trendy to classically elegant masterpieces of all sorts of items: jewelry, crafts, pottery, accessories and a wonderful array of other types of hand made goods that you will not see anywhere else.
I have not only been a collector for decades, but I am a jewelry designer. I create lovely and unique pieces that are in high demand. My beautiful designs stand apart from the rest.
We invite you to please take a good look at our treasures...We are certain that you will want them sent to you for your pleasure.

Find me online @:…………

Get to Know

Hello! We hope you are well. Thank You for Visiting our Boutique. We Strive to provide 5 Star Service to each and every Client. Our Clients become a part our Family. We love getting to know them and becoming familiar with their Tastes, Desires, & Needs. We offer Complimentary Phone Consultations. We love to Communicate Personally with our Wonderful Clients in this way because we find the Internet to be a cold & impersonal mode of Communication. So often we may misread or misunderstand something, as there is a void in all aspects; such as Affect, Eye Contact, Body Language, Tone of stated: Impersonal. We also are Experts in Corporate Gifts, Holiday Gift Lists, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and such... We have Our Experts Ready to Answer Any Questions you may have about Any of Our Items. We are All Long Time Collectors with Vast Knowledge of the Items we Offer to You. Even if you would like to learn about Any related Subjects.....for example....... ".What is the History of the Art Nouveau Period ? "..........We Will be Able to Teach You, with Pleasure. We have studied All things Antique / Vintage. We believe that an Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer! The Items we Offer are Truly Special & Collectible. We Love when someone Appreciates how Special these Items truly are! Please become a Member of Our Family and See how a Top Notch Transaction & Experience should feel. Welcome!!!

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