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Roaring Brook, PA, United States

Quick Blurb

My name is Michelle Greenwood, and I am the resident artisan. I like to set stuff on fire.


wood, pyrography, wood burning, woodburning, pagan, paganism, steampunk, timepunk, goth, macabre, mythology, fairytale

Skills and Techniques

woodburning, pyrography

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Get to Know

Pyrographer, Steampunk, Goth Lite, Pagan.

Pyrography is a Victorian artform with ancient roots, and I've been using it as my primary medium since 2002.

My art generally focuses on themes Pagan and Timepunk, with dashes of the Magical and the Macabre. I create my own designs, hand-drawn, and hand-burned with a hand-help pyrography pen. Though I will occasionally add a dash of color with acrylic paint, there are no lasers, routers, etchers, or stains used in my work.

I use an Optima 1 pyrography kit.

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