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Greenwood, MI, United States

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Welcome..... To Our Store. And Please, visit Often!!

It All Started about 6 years ago, I bought A Bead..... and it Began there.....
Finally I found something I could say I LOVED...... love, love, love BEADS, CHARMS, DANGLES! Within the first year, My Daughter dove in Head first...and started working with me (she was ONLY 9 years old and found her first passion). I have been saving for her and her 3 brothers college from our proceeds, 30% goes into there college fund. There is nothing better then being in our work room, working with my children. Laughs, Giggles, and yes even the occasional Growls.... ups and downs (she's 16 now, as you can imagine, we are hard to work with every now and then, two women exactly alike!!) We love our clients, And we work hard to make EVERYONE Happy! But most of all I LOVE being able to be home with my FOUR Wonderful children.

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