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While I enjoy art of all kinds, painting is where most of my projects end up these days. All stones are hand picked for their unique qualities and I enjoy seeing transforming them into works of art. My studio is currently in my house, which makes life convenient when you have sudden flashes of inspiration.

Skills and Techniques

Most of my paintings are acrylic and to be honest my favorite brush for details is a very small, slightly stiff brush that I purchased for my son. I tried it out one day when I misplaced the one I was looking for and it has since become my go to for anything finely detailed. Just proof that you don't always need to spend a lot on supplies to make quality jewelry!

Get to Know

I have been making jewelry since 1997. I am currently located in Madison, Wisconsin where Gypsy Willow art can be found at several local stores. We are always looking to improve and expand and are looking forward to expanding to Milwaukee shops in spring of 2017.

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