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Above all, I love my family.
Family members - my biggest inspiration.
And I like to go hunting, like fishing in on my small lake, like dogs.
In my teenage years was fond of training dogs.
Now grow grapes, make red wine.
I love flowers and I think that appearance of flowers is the most perfect in nature.
I live in the Carpathian region, Ukraine.
There are very beautiful landscapes.
I love going to the mountains and collect the mushrooms.
Like reading.

Skills and Techniques

I live in the Carpathian Mountains, where are very beautiful mountains, many forests ,are very good clean air.
Here live a good, talented and hardworking people.
I love our land!
For manufacturing themugs must have considerable ability, knowledge and skills.
It is very difficult but interesting work.
It all starts with a piece of wood.
Then the workpiece should be dry well.
My mugs consists of 12 pieces of wood and bottoms.
After appropriate processing inside and outside

I unite them - firmly connecting all details,
using metal, nylon or wooden hoops.
After making and attaching handles I cover mug special environmentally friendly food coating

Get to Know

My name is Vitaliy
I liked to create different things
from the times of childhood.
My first producst - wooden knife and wooden plate)
From childhood I,d very loved to draw.
With the joy of taking classes in children's art studio. I tried to work with wood, metal, stone, leather, glass.
After school I entered the Kosiv Art College, where I received the profession of artist - master of metal and wood.
Wooden and metal mugs, wooden buckets, barrels started to produce 20 years ago.
Always looking to improve their products, sought to achieve. perfection.
 I hope you enjoy my articles