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Charlottesville, VA, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a mom of three boys with a passion for creating whatever the heart or mind conjures.


Crocheting, woodburning aka pyrography, jewelry,

Skills and Techniques

Crochet for 20+ years,Woodburning 6+ years

Jewelry 5+ years

Find me online @:

http://www.hippiescreations.com http://www.facebook.com/hippiesc… http://www.flickr.com/photos/hip…

Get to Know

Located in the beautiful James River Region in Central Virginia, Hippie's Creations is a small artisan studio where we handcraft all of our products. Each items is handcrafted and by buying our products, you are supporting not only a small business but a family that is proud to bring you quality.

Raised in cities around Frankfurt, Germany. had a diverse upbringing. As the daughter of two people who struggled, I found myself in foster-care at the age of two. Due to various challenges and experiences as a foster child, I gravitated towards crafts. When I found myself to be a young mom, living with one or the other parent of mine, I found myself attached to the crochet hook, at I was 17 and I've been crocheting ever since.

But I also enjoy creating with other mediums and found myself to be courageous enough to try out what ever may peak my interest. I've been woodburning since 2005 and making hemp jewelry since 2004 and other fine jewelry since 2006.

I sometimes find myself scrapbooking or dabble in other art projects that I find inspiring. My recent one is zentangling my bookcase at home! I draw with pencils of all kinds and love watercolor and I like polymer clay.

I am a mom of all boys - one who is serving his country - another who resides with his father and two that are remaining with me. My youngest is a special needs kiddo, who was struggling for the first 7 years of his life - he's 8! You can read more about Lennon at www.lennonsworld.com

I've since my oldest was born and during my youngest's medical journey received a Bachelors in Accounting and a Master's in Mental Health Counseling. Despite this education I live and breathe creativity in its many forms!

It's been a long time dream to do the following:

Open/Operate a store in which I sell art and art is created. Mission Accomplished - www.charmedbutterfly.com - my studio for Hippie's Creations is now located within this space - thus when you come and visit you more than likely will find me there!

I always wanted to write about my upbringing. Mission Accomplished - you can find it on amazon :)

Betrayal: The Journey: Childhood Memories And The Adult Awakening

I want to write a second book, but haven't quite started it yet

I am an Artist (Writer, Crochet, Painter, Wood Burner,Photography and much more).

I am pagan. I am an earth-bound girl.

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    Saphira - a woodburning I completed with the permission of the original Artist.

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    Jon Bon Jovi - for my personal pleasure

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    Another Dragon

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    King Size Afghan