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Puyallup, WA, United States


There are a lot of things I like. My work has brought me to meet many people and learn their stories. I have heavy interest into the paranormal. Haunting are one of my main focus. Generally, I can tell you who is there and why are they there and not crossed over. Generally, they are house spirits who stay there to protect the building. I feel that my time in the Pacific Northwest has lead me to see more house spirits more than anything. I want to do more investigations in the future but as it stands for right now I am capable to remote in and get a gander of what is there. I find it really funny when you watch those top 5 paranormal videos and they say oh look a ghost and really its never a ghost. It’s a fae or a nymph, but instantly it falls into the category of other when cryptozoology is concerned. I study many forms of pagan mythology. My roots are with Greek Mythology. Being in the island of Sicily, which is right next door into Greece. I have found a home with Greek folklore. Generally, in Greek texts they talk about wood nymphs and forest creatures a like. I have a few pictures of my own that I found in the after fact that I had subconsciously captured a nymph in a photograph.

Skills and Techniques

Back in the 90’s I had studied at an elite art school in Detroit named Center for Creative Studies. Yes, I was a poor art student. I was at the frontier of Photoshop and Illustrator. Over the years I had followed in a more technical support field but I never gave up on digital editing photography. Now in a perfect world I would have an apple computer and all the fancy photoshop licenses, however the work I do I have found that Gimp has been a wonderful alternative.

However when it comes to my readings. If I am doing a channeled drawing then it would be blue ball point pen and lined notebook paper. It’s my preferred method of drawing.

I have a personal collection of tarot cards. This small library of over 30 different versions of tarot cards. What generally happens in these type of readings is that

Get to Know

Hi there! So here is the big secret: I’m a psychic. I have been a psychic my whole life, but I have been reading professionally since 1998. I have mainly stayed out of the shops because Etsy used to not allow fortune telling as a form of service as so then it had to be labeled as “ For entertainment purposes only”. Now that we are all stuck inside and we are looking at our third round of lockdown attempting to right this pandemic. If you frequent psychics and psychic readings then you know that psychics come with various talents. My talents recode in my empathic influences. I am able to connect to another individual with no more than an email or voice. I have connected with people who met their unborn children through me. Talked to a beloved cousin who had passed or received messages from their mother beyond the grave. Generally, in my method when I try to connect to the person you wish to speak to during one of my channeled consoling sessions, I can draw a portrait of that person or other being as we are talking over the phone or during video chat. You don’t have to supply me with a picture, I can give you a drawing after our session. I also offer regular type of readings if you have a few questions or just wish to have a general reading.

I also have some urban photography that I had done back in 2012 out in the barren ghost towns of East Texas.

My goal with this shop is to provide affordable readings and downloadable art. As things progress I would like to add more features, like tapestries, different sized prints and other opportunities for art to be present in your home. Currently, I offer the digital download of all of my prints. You can have full access of my catalog of prints and buy the download, then you can do whatever you want in that print. Snapfish offers great prints at great prices. I would like to specify that any specific art project that is produced with this photographs are your own. The main photograph is mine but you have a downloaded copy of that photograph an that is your personal property.

I have an assortment of spooky photographs and I am hoping you guys like it too.