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Hello! My name is Evi and with my sister Eirini we built Huile Lavender in 2015. It offers 100% pure and organic Greek Lavender oil grown on the Greek valleys. My sister Eui along with our dad's help waters, harvests and distills the Lavender oil.

Lavender oil is an incredible therapeutic essential oil for the health and wellness of everyone at any age that calms the senses. Pure lavender oil is a wonderful aromatic herb for the house and the kitchen. Lastly it is great for pets as well!

So how Huile Lavender does that? Well to begin with, during spring the flower is being weeded, while around mid-July we harvest the purple flowers which is followed by the distillation of the oil.
The harvest is performed with sickles early in the morning till the afternoon, under the scorching sun of Greece. During harvest period we are on a we need to cut the lavender flowers and arrive at the distillery the same day. Otherwise instead of producing the miraculous essential oil it might end up evaporating. Therefore, within hours, tons of lavender flowers are being transformed into condensed oil drops packaged in bottles that can be sent anywhere in the world. In this way, everyone is able to enjoy the more than 150 registered properties and uses of lavender.

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