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I was born in 1932 when there were still horses delivering ice and milk in the streets of Cleveland Ohio. Everything has changed since then to now having a Dick Tracy cell Phone is common place. I worked for over fifty years for one company designing underwater ASW devices. Moved on to designing anti terrorist doors for Cruise Ships and then designed the Wundabar Pilates Reformer. I have published 4 books on Amazon and will soon publish Aliens meet Donald Trump. A fun story about saving the earth from environmental destruction.

Now retired I keep busy and have fun designing and making Hydroponic Towers for anyone that loves growing salad ,tomatoes and everything else that has roots.

Skills and Techniques

I love the simplicity of working with plastics. The materials are easy to machine and hand trim and debur. Bonding is minimal as parts press together
and become very durable. My pails are food grade plastic and the rest of my towers are made from PVC plastic.

Please look at the following for a discussion about using PVC in hydroponic grow systems.

Get to Know

My shop is very simple, It takes up half my garage and is mostly storage of materials needed to make my towers.
I used to have a full machine shop for metal work. Now it's just plastic I work with and requires very few machines. A drill press and a table saw . A shop vacuum cleans up the dust . I buy in bulk to be price competitive so that takes up space.
Shipping boxes, pumps, nutrient, shaved foam.

I make at least ten towers at a time. So the shop has a worked in look all the time.
Finale assembly and shipping take place as orders come in.

I have sold over 200 towers in almost every state in the united States.
I sell from ARTFIRE ETSY and EBAY.

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