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Rowland Heights, CA, United States


I love to express my creativity in more ways than just one. I love to explore and challenge myself to new things and places every single day.
You never know what you can accomplish by keeping and open mind and a loving heart.
And, on my free time, I spend modifying my car. There isnt much left I can add to it, as it is pretty much covered in "bling" from head to toe!

Skills and Techniques

Ever since elementary school.....I have always noticed my natural talent and skills for drawing, art, and drama. I felt most comfortable and happy when learning more in those categories. I am far from being the shy and quiet one in the classroom.
I started from selling handmaking all of my jewelry to blinging cell phone cases and etc.

Get to Know

Icy Luxe is more than just another online store. It is a unique boutique where shoppers come together by sharing the same passion and love for all things in life that are sparkly and bright.
Here at Icy Luxe, my goal is to provide my customers with exceptional pieces of art and creative style. You may find some pretty rare and interesting products on my site, so make sure you have the time to browse through every item I have to offer.

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