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Port St Lucie, FL, United States

Quick Blurb

Loves playing with glass... and creating useful and pretty pieces with it.


Water Exercise, Travel, Cats, the Coastal South, Antique Malls, Mid-century Venetian glass

Skills and Techniques

Small fused glass landscapes and seascapes, Animal/pet novelties in glass, Working deep/thick with glass, Custom ornaments and special occasion plates, Up-cycled and re-purposed pieces

Get to Know

Welcome! I am drawn to art glass in a big way, have been for years. I love to work with, admire and collect it. I started working with stained glass and mosaic about 25 years ago. I moved on to kiln-formed (fused) glass and my husband and I create fused glass art in our home studio.

I also collect, buy and re-sell vintage Murano glass from Venice Italy.

The name of our business ~ Imagine It In Glass ~ came from years of making fused glass pieces for online customers who wanted some pretty unusual and challenging images in glass. Hence...

'if you can imagine it, I can probably make it...'

I work with sheet glass and specialty glasses made in the US and Italy. I love playing with millefiore, murrine, dichroic glass, enamels, and glass powders/frit. Custom work is possible, from dinner plate sets to special occasion pieces, ornaments and pet portraits. What you see here is a fraction of the kind of work we do.

Thanks for looking and liking! Patricia

Bio Photo Gallery

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    This is one of 3 electronic kilns my husband and I run. The first firing takes about 8 hours. The glass will then be worked again (slumped, draped, smoothed on a grinder, polished, and most likely re-fired) before it is finished.

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    This is the same set of glass items shown above, but now the kiln is red hot at 1,280F degrees still ramping up to melt/fuse together the design at about 1400F.

  • Imagine-It-In-Glass' Photo Gallery

    Millefiori (Italian glass flowers) as the garden for this dancing woman

  • Imagine-It-In-Glass' Photo Gallery

    Working deep, several layers of glass forming a 7 x 9" English cottage garden