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Green Forest, Ar, United States

Quick Blurb

Fine photography, prints, original art, and prop/craft/costumes/reproductions.


photography, prints, ink, drawings, artwork, original, custom costumes, cosplay, props

Skills and Techniques

Semi professional photographer, able illustrator, handy custom prop maker

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Get to Know

If I was to be asked what is first and foremost of my talents, I can only answer, oh, being a logical and determined visionary. I dream of wings, but I know just how high I can actually fly most of the time. Being self-taught and self-employed isn't all about doing what you like and any pace you . There is more blood, sweat, and tears to visualizing your futures and actually having to make sure you accomplish them. So know that I am putting my whole whole soul, and probably some physical body too, into all I do and will always try to ensure I satisfy my buyers and they receive their pieces with total satisfaction.~ InKi ______________________________ Supported at a very early age by her furniture-making family, Alana Schmitt embraced multiple visual and tactile arts. Her keen eye for composition immediately surfaced in her photography. Her drawing talents have required years of persistent, dogged practice to refine, and she has been mentored by an enviable list of international illustrators. Her love of Medieval Culture has produced a portfolio of period costumes and reproduction armament. Alana is Dryad Studios' furniture photographer. Most days consist of eight hours of furniture making, twenty-five new photographs, an hour's work on her latest drawing, and a few "spare" hours in the evening working on her latest mask, costume, or sword. Anyone who watches her energy is exhausted.

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