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Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Quick Blurb

My name is Jeni Smathers, and I am a bead addict. Welcome to my obsession!


Beading, wirework, chainmaille, travel, reading, Beading Daily, collecting lampwork & specialty beads

Skills and Techniques

I enjoy loomwork as well as many off loom stitches. Peyote stitch and right angle weave are the two I use most often, but I do use others depending on the project and my mood. I do a small amount of wirework and chainmaille, and many strung designs. I'm always learning new techniques, and have more design ideas than I'll ever have time to make. I also do a bit of sewing, quilting and cross stitch from time to time.

Get to Know

I have been obsessed with beading for over 14 years. I enjoy the freedom and endless possibilities to create that beads offer me. I largely make one of a kind or limited run pieces, mainly because I have too many ideas to do more than one, and who wants to wear the same thing everyone else has anyway? I love work with people to make a special piece that they will cherish. I also love to give new life to broken and outdated jewelry. After a friend brought me several pieces to remake for her, I realized how much jewelry I had in my own jewelry box that was collecting dust and have begun to remake some of it. I have also raided the jewelry boxes of other friends and family members. If you have a special piece that needs some TLC, perhaps I'm just the person to help you with it. I have a "before & after" section in my web gallery if you'd like to see some examples. In my non-beading life (if it's possible to separate) I am wife to a wonderful husband of 17 years who is an absolute dear to put up with my beads creeping into every part of the house. We have a 4 year old son who keeps us on our toes. We have just recently moved back to the US after spending 6 years stationed in Belgium & Italy. It's been a wonderful opportunity to explore Europe and meet a host of new friends. My full time job is in banking.

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