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Crafts, math, Cozy British mysteries, needlepoint, Fantasy Computer Gaming

Skills and Techniques

I try to make beautiful pieces that i would want to wear.

Get to Know

We are a small, home business. I am a working mom who makes jewelry in my spare time. I have loved crafts since I was a little girl. My first foray into jewelry making was through bead weaving and friendship bracelets as a child. I also loved to make beaded hand made ornaments for our Christmas tree. I got distracted by needle crafts for a number of years, but once children and pets came along I could not find the time or space for my the elaborate needle craft projects I prefer. So, I returned to making jewelry as a creative outlet and a way to de-stress. I have been slowly experimenting with new techniques over the last few years and if you come back to my shop you will see my progress and new "experiments".