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Sacramento, CALIFORNIA, United States

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Fine art that inspires, uplifts and reveals.


original fine art, impressionistic, expressionistic, visionary, spiritual, religious, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, landscape, portraits, figurative, pastel drawings, black and white drawings, ceramic masks, sculptures,

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While serving in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, West Africa, I began teaching myself how to draw and paint in 1984. In 1993, I began my formal training in the arts while studying to be a Waldorf teacher, an educational system for children that incorporates art in all aspects of education. I enjoy working with a variety of media, although pastels and watercolors are my favorite. For the most part my work is spiritual or visionary in nature as I see my artwork as part of my spiritual pathway and as a vehicle to help people heighten or alter their perceptions of the world around and within. My style might best be described as impressionistic/expressionistic due to my strong use of colors. Much of my work is very intuitive, bringing forth images out of the play of colors. Or I may take a quick sketch of a landscape or a face and then tweak it into a movement of colors and line to break out of the confines of my eyes' "reality." My mission as an artist, besides artistic exploration and having fun, is to help adults overcome programming from childhood that they are not artistic, and to continue to teach children to be artistic in everything that they do. It was not until I was 24 years of age that I was able to override that subconscious mental tape that only artists create, so who was I to draw or paint? My work has been represented by galleries in Corvallis, Oregon; and in Palm Springs, Salinas and, Carmel in California. Major influences are: Van Gogh, Turner, Nicholas Roerich, Michelangelo, Marsden Hartley, Allen Hirsch and so many, many more.
Besides my role as an artist, I am an author of five books, storyteller, meditation and Waldorf teacher, father and husband.

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    My two boys, my best creations.

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    Hanging out with a goat. I haven't met an animal I didn't like.

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    My beautiful wife and spiritual partner.

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