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Charlotte, NC, United States

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Hi, my name is Jeanette Krantz. I originally hail from West Virginia but now call Charlotte, NC home, which I love but will admit to missing the mountains from time to time. I'm a SAHM with two wonderful kids, two dogs, and a very supportive and loving husband.

I first became interested in making jewelry when I commented on liking a pair of my neighbors earrings and she told me that her daughter had made them. I was amazed by the idea that you could make your own earrings and a little seed was planted. The next time I went to my local library I checked out every book I could on jewelry making. I read everything I could on the subject but wasn't really spurred to action until I went to a jewelry party (not the handcrafted kind but a company sponsored one). I loved everything I saw but after reading so much about it I kept thinking to myself I could make that. I figured by this point it was time to stop thinking about it and start doing something. I went home and scoured all my books once again and then made my first piece which I gave to my mom for her birthday. After that there was no stopping me.

Not one to ever do things halfway I went on a shopping spree and started making more than I could ever give away. I first got the thought to sell my jewelry when my neighbor asked if I had anything to sell because she was looking for a gift for her neice. I sold my first piece that day and at the urging of my family and friends decided to create Jewelry by Janzia and here I am.