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Estero, FL, United States

Quick Blurb

Whether you wear it or display it in your home or business; original art speaks loudly about the individual.


Love to paint...big and tiny stuff. Love my family, church, competitive tennis (cute clothes, too) and international travel.

Skills and Techniques

Paint, paint, paint and little bit of 3-d sculpture. Wish I could weld.

Get to Know

I've had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom while running an art business. No one could ask for more! As a little girl I was encouraged in my art when everyone would exclaim over my drawings and coloring of rabbits;usually sideviews with big ears and fluffy tails and always white. I've lived and breathed art as most artists can relate. I recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (as a non-trad). My other website has a lot of my miniature artwork on jewelry. When I initially registered for this website I wanted to be sure that my jewelry was in the title forgetting I was going to put up my canvas art also. Oh well, I guess people can figure it out. My award winning miniature scenes on my jewelry are freehand painted in acrylic without magnification. The artwork is original, made in America, no decals, stamps, pens are used and is not imported. Each piece is professionally double carded perfect for gift-giving, retailing or for yourself. Rather than just a piece of jewelry, each is an original work of art which I've signed, as I've used each tiny surface as the "canvas". I really don't think the photo of my jewelry is the best depiction of what I do as it is only a picture whereas the jewelry itself is the original artwork. The seemingly impossible tiny scenes, on the modest size jewelry pieces in real life is what makes my jewelry intriguing and highly collectible. The artwork is crisp and intricate. My canvas paintings are a process of exploration. I begin with a concept but the work quickly directs itself and I start to sort and discover solutions. Using colorful, high intensity hues and fluid markings I hope to evoke energy and mystery as I abstract the obvious into investigations of the essence of change. The organic lines symbolize my love of nature and the luminous color expresses my continuing passion for the vibrancy of life. I take my cues from familiar surroundings or images from my travel memories. Everything I've done or previously painted has been in preparation for my current work. My desire is for the viewer to analyze the gap between abstraction and representation and discover meaning through the filter of their own experience and lives. Enjoy looking at my artwork. I hope you'll consider purchasing one of my originals. It could be a beautiful addition to your home or business. I hope you'll contact me with any questions you may have. I can always send more pictures, too!

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