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Gwynn Oak, MD, United States

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I started using the name "Jewels Out of Time" when my husband and I had a booth in an Antique shop in York, PA. Most of our items were vintage and I thought of them as gems from the past.That thought morfed into "Jewels Out of Time". The event that started my interest in bead jewelry was the purchase at an estate auction of 3 one gallon bags of vintage glass and crystal necklaces. It was a LOT of beads. After I sorted out the pieces that needed no repairs I still had quite a mound of necklaces that needed restringing and/or lengthing. So (eventually) I went to the closest bead shop for the stringing items I would need and a book about the basics of same. To make a long story short, this humble beginning turned me into a manic bead collector.
I have been buying beads and making jewelry since about 1996. I buy at shows and shops at home and on our travels. I have beads from Maine and Wyoming and all stops in between. My studio runith over. The photo on the right is of one of my work benches, The ones below are of a necklace in progress,the finished product and another necklace in the same style. The last is of me and my first puppy love - two old ladies napping. PS: You can click on the photos and make them larger if you like.

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    Setting up to make a "bead soup: necklace

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    In progress.

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    Finished product.

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    Another "bead soup" necklace