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St. Augustine, FL, United States

Quick Blurb

inspiration, artisan glass beads, jewelry


glass, silver, mixed metal, sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting (my house!), Jane Austen, James Bond, Star Trek, Dr. Who, country music, American Southwest, reading, Louis L'Amour, hiking, Maltese, walking my Maltese

Skills and Techniques

lampworking, stringing, wire-wrapping, chain maille, art clay (new as of 9/2009)Chain maille is a technique of weaving small metal rings into patterns. Chain maille was originally used for armor in the middle ages and now a growing group of artists have developed a number of very interesting weaves to be made into beautiful, intriguing jewelry. A number of creative materials can be used such as rubber, aluminum, and colored wire. My work usually uses argentium silver and copper. It is a time-int

Get to Know

Texas is where my creative muse was incubated, hatched, and fledged. Now it's unstoppable-- taking wing and flitting a little bit of everywhere... painting, crocheting, sewing, home interior design, and jewelry. The challenge has always been reining in the idea storm and focusing it on one medium. I love to play and you'll see a wide variety of techniques in my work: lampwork (my main squeeze), complemented by wire-wrapping, chain maille, and stringing. I have managed to wrangle my idea sprite to the ground and we had a good talk...we are going to focus on glass and silver. Mostly. You'll probably see various techniques creeping in from time to time as I try out different ideas.Texas has provided a broad base of inspiration in the southwest style with wildflowers, big sky, constant sunshine, longhorns, cowboy lore, ranching, and oil. I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years; although it was a very modern city, I sought out the quaint and rustic. I am now living in South Carolina. Thank you so much for stopping by. ZaiJian, Y'all!

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