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Petoskey, MI, United States

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Polymer Clay mixed media artist and teacher. I create custom jewelry for any occasion and home decor. Requests welcome.


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Skills and Techniques

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Get to Know

Welcome to Kimi's Jewelry & Gifts Hello, I'm Kimberly from " Kimi's Jewerly and Gifts", "Kimis-Jewelry-From-The-Heart on Artfire" or "Kidalski on Etsy" , I Love this site. It is buyer and seller friendly. I love creating and making custom orders and this wonderful selling site helps you create for anyone. Its like a family here, be sure to comment on items for a discount. Make sure you join as a member you get discounts on some shops to. About me, I'm a proud mom of two amazing children Ashley & Aaron, both of my children and husband help full time in the business as im disabled. We live with 4 dogs Blu, Bella & Lily and Tex. 4 ducks, 3 parrots Sweetie, Goobers and Peanut, while I work they each perch on a shoulder and watch and enjoy all the beads and shiny things I make. I get teased and called the Bird Lady, but I dont mind, they are wonderful company :) ! I am disabled from a tragic car accident in 2005. So this is now a family Business. I help as much as I can and create when I can but my family really does a lot of the packing and hard stuff. I email and advise. This has changed as of last year because doing things alone was to hard on me. So the family and I have decided to make this a group effort as we all enjoy the craft and the tools. Due to my accident I have many surgeries and I do travel to see doctors and try to attend clay events to get some quality creating and friend time with other clay artists. This is an amazing part of this medium meeting so many that love to do what I do. It was hard at first because I was unable to work in the 911 emergency field any longer, which I miss so badly. I loved helping people and saving lives. But now I get to enrich lives with pretty things that I hope you all enjoy wearing and using as much as I do creating them with lots of love. Thanks to a clay artist I purchased one polymer bead and fell in love with it and learned more and I was hooked on polymer from that point on, I found my love for Polymer Clay this summer of 2011. I have always loved jewlery and decided to start making Add a bead jewelry(which I still make), I make so many types of jewelry and home decor. I love a challenge and enjoy creating out of the box. Ask me I will happily create anything you want. I have found creating to be my pain therapy and it has saved me from so many bad days. I find myself in my own little creative world and feel blessed to have found art again. I enjoy creating, traveling to create with others at retreats and classes. I feel that there is so much to learn out there from the pioneers of this art form and I strive to learn from all of them. I find something new everyday that I did not know before and the learning process of this art is a enjoyable one. I love to teach and do teach from home and outside the home, I am trying to bring Polymer art to my home area as it is not heard of here in the boonies :). I look forward to having a large clay group in my area. I want others to fall in love with this medium as I have as there are so many possibilities with it. I am honored to be a published artist in From Polymer to Art Magazine ~ Pink issue, Wind issue, Water issue, Earth Issue and soon Fire issue. I also have publications at Polyform Products which is Premo and Sculpey Clay. I am a guest blogger on many blog and love to blog and babble :)... I have my own blog which is so fun and I share many free tutorials for polymer artists. and I have many giveaways as many companys send me items to test and demo. I feel very honored to have such a great support system at home and in the polymer and art field. I also am in in many guilds/groups on Artfire/Etsy and Facebook. I am honored to have been chosen as designer of the month on a few times and also on Artfire. I feel so blessed and strive everyday to do more and more for the art community and disabled artists. That is my goal to bring happiness to others that need something to do to make their world a happier place by helping them create or creating for or with them. You can find me many places and please join me.

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