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I grew up as an American in Hong Kong, attending an International School. I loved growing up in Asia, and was lucky enough to travel all throughout SouthEast Asia and beyond. All of the Asian cultural influence can be seen in my art; it both informs and inspires it.
I am an avid scuba diver; I was certified at age 14 in the Maldives, which is an impossibly beautiful spot on this planet. It is a series of islands, quite small, ruled by an Islamic Government. I have continued to dive throughout my life, in Indonesia and in Hawaii.
I am also a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, now Dead and Co. with Jerry Garcia's passing. Since Jerry passed (RIP) the band members have gone through a number of incarnations, currently touring as Dead and Co. with John Mayer joining the line up and against all my natural instincts, just killing it!! In 2018, I saw Dead and Co. at Dodger Stadium, and I saw Bob Weir and the Wolf Bros. Inaugural tour at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, a divine trio with an upright bass player and a drummer with a killer little jazz kit. It blew my mind. For 2019, I have secured Dead and Co. tickets for the Hollywood Bowl for two nights in a row. The Hollywood Bowl is in my former neighborhood, I used to be able to walk there.
So, live music is definitely my passion: besides the Dead, I plan to see the Kodo Drummers at the Grenada.
Traveling is a passion of mine as well, hopefully with the chance of diving. I would like to learn to dive with a rebreather and dive those blue holes in Mexico. Diving caves would be the pinnacle of my diving career.

Skills and Techniques

I had very little, if any, creative talents. I shyed away from the "artsy" types and activities, believing I was hopelessly talentless. hen I learned I would be moving to Montana, I realized there were very little employment opportunities there in the small town on a Indian Res where I ended up, on the shores of Flathead Lake. The long long winter nights concerned me, so I decided to try making beaded Jewelry. I was completely self taught, and was just terrible! I've kept a few pieces from that era, about 18 years ago, both to keep me humble and remind me how far I have come.

Get to Know

I gladly accept customs orders; if there's something you like in the wrong size, or you'd prefer a different gemstone... whatever changes or difference you'd like, just drop me a line and I'll create a posting just for you. I love working on custom orders and DO NOT charge more for them unless a material used is more expensive, but I'l never charge for labor or time, only materials.

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