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Shelton, WA, United States

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Keeping Band-aid stocks soaring since 1999.


fused glass, slumped glass, draped glass, warm glass, kiln-formed glass, stained glass, glass candle holders, glass plates, glass bowls, art glass, stained glass garden stakes

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Stained Glass Fused Glass

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In 1999, my husband and I took a stained glass workshop together, and my hands haven't stopped bleeding ever since. In stained glass, I specialize in smaller projects, and I particularly enjoy designing and creating garden stakes. I now have two kilns and a roomy studio in our new house on Harstine Island, WA and have been working with fused glass for the past several years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process, the experiments, and the resulting joys (and sorrows) of this craft. Glass fascinates me with its abundance of colors, its coolness to the touch, and its unpredictability. It's a challenge and a joy to work with, and my bleeding hands will tell you that it's well worth it.

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