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Sun Valley, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi I'm Kit A glass etching and jewelry making artist who loves to paint and photograph Come on in and check out my shop


A good book fantasy photography dragons Halloween Bats Day Disney computers art artists jewelry gemstones treasures pirates good people.

Skills and Techniques

Glass Etching Drawing Painting Sculpting Photography and Jewelry Making.

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Get to Know

I'm Kit

I've been a glass etching artist for a few years now but I also draw paint design jewelry and sculpt. I've always loved fantasy and Halloween is my favorite holiday because it's so close to my birthday so these things influence a lot of my pieces. I got my start at selling my glass pieces through a pirate shop in North Hollywood which is why you will see a lot of skull & crossbones popping up in my work Dragons have fascinated me since I was a child and whenever I do a piece with a dragon on it I always take a lot of care to get it just right. Often I don't put my dragon pieces up for sale because I like to keep them but I do have one of my favorite pieces available in my shop called "Dragon's Flight". This piece took me three days to make and was done on a valuable bottle by itself. It was both sand-blasted and acid etched all the way around the bottle. I'm certain that this piece will go to just the right person someone who loves it as much as I do.

Right now I'm only doing new custom glass pieces and I'm moving on to painting and jewelry making. I've started a series of Alice in Wonderland paintings that I'm hoping people will love The originals are being hosted by Hyaena Gallery in Burbank CA ( but the prints are available here on ArtFire.

If you have some time please check out all of my creations old and new at my homepage of I'm working on a kitcameo website too to encompass all my artwork rather than only my glasswork but it has a ways to go yet. I will update this space once I have it finished Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me ~Kit Cameo

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