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Denver, Colorado, United States

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At LED Baseline we build every shelf and lighting system to order. That means you get exactly what you want for your venue. Whether for business or personal use, your lighting and shelves will be custom made and unique. This is a feature that is especially suited, not only for commercial establishments, but for that man cave, she lair, or family recreation area. And if you’ve always wanted to see your name or logo in lights, we can make that happen too! LED Bar Shelving adds that touch of personality that makes your venue you. When it comes to LED lighting, we are the Wizards of Pop! Your only job is to let us know exactly what you want. We take care of the rest. We craft only the highest quality furniture and shelves, and when we’re finished with our work, we ship it to you free. That’s a combination that can’t be beat! Contact us today for more information.

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