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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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I love to create and design. I will donate a percentage of all sales to help homeless animals, and Canadian Cancer Society.


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Skills and Techniques

I have self taught sewing skills from sewing by hand at such a young age. I am a certified upholsterer. I loved art in school, but best of all is my imagination! I just love adding a little bit of different on most things I create.

Find me online @:… http://laurabelle-thenovicemarke…

Get to Know

> Hello hello and Welcome LauraBelle (SelbieDesigns) I have been creating and sewing since Junior High school. I love to create. I also love good deals and always keep an eye out for marked down Quality supplies. I am frugal and over 60. ( Not cheap :) I just don't think one has to pay outrageous prices when you can wear something just as good (even sometimes nicer) for a fraction of the price.

I put my heart and soul into each item I create, and try to give you awesome looking items, especially when I challenge myself to design a knockoff of an expensive piece of jewellery because, we all love nice things. Good quality with a lifetime guarantee for normal wear and tear. If it breaks or rips just send it back and I'll be happy to make it like new. (Shipping not included) I just bring alive the ideas that are already in my head and hope they are loved.

I'm always trying to learn new things and my head is bursting with ideas and not enough time to bring them alive...So I take one day at a time and start creating one original at a time. If I ever copy a design it is because it has become part of my own collection. Custom orders are always welcomed! I also love collecting Vintage pieces to implement into my designs when I can, making them a mixture of Old and New mixed together, and do put that info in my description of the completed piece. Or I just sell a Vintage piece as is. Inspiration comes from all around, indoors, outside while walking or even watching television and reading magazines, not to mention when looking at fabrics, jewels and metals. I love to re-cycle, re-use, and re-invent. Mixed fabrics, mixed it all! Enjoy your visit at LauraBelle. Don't be shy, check back often to browse through my New Listings. Thank you, and have a great day. x

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    Some fun pillows for people of all ages. The pillow was originally made to stuff pajamas into them so they don't clutter up the room. A pillow insert is Not Included with these pillows, but you could buy a 12" x 18" that would fit just fine. (Keeps the cost of shipping down) Everything is stitched securely which makes them safe for children. Well made for the tough life a pillow can have from being squished,hugged and always enjoyed.

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    A lovely scarf that I made from recycled wool sweaters and new cream coloured jersey lining. There is a pocket on each end of the scarf and a little alien and eye for some fun detail to make your scarf one of a kind.

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    I combined white and pink beads of different textures, plus metal and charms. I used 7 layers of memory wire which should fit everyone's wrist. This bracelet looks really nice on.

  • LauraBelle's Photo Gallery

    Love to make pillows that you won't see in everyone's home. I try to add a little something different to make it one-of-a-kind. Hope you like. :)