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Sunnyside, NY, United States


I always was always interested in all types of crafts and my first love was actually crocheting. I was intrigued of how my aunt Minerva created that miniature Cinderella stage coach or the little slipper in gold thread was so fascinating to me. My aunt taught me the crochet basics at the age of eight. Later on, I became an advance crocheted. I will never loose my first love of crocheting. My second love is making jewelry. I took up silver smithing and beading at the age of twelve. I learned how to cut, shape and buff precious metals like Copper or Silver and beading tecniques. My first project was a Silver cuff bracelet and I set raw Turquoise stones on it. Of course, I gave it to my mom as a gift and she was quite happy and proud of me. Well, I pretty much became very interested and enthusiastic about my new love of making jewelry. I gave my pieces away to friends and family and later thought that I would sell them. Although my dream is to open a brick and mortar shop someday, however, I enjoy selling my pieces online, at fairs and local events in my city.

Skills and Techniques

Some of the techniques I like to use is wire wrapping, weaving, wire crochet and leather designs.

Get to Know

I opened shop, online, in 2009. In college, my major was business administration and then later, I studied sales and marketing. I basically applied the principals of my studies and also took advice from many experts that helped me along the way. Since then, I've worked online, at fairs and various venues within my city. Although I am solo, I worked hard in every aspect of starting my entrepreneurship career in jewelry making and enjoy it very much.