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Gloucester, VA, United States

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designer. crafter. seamstress. mommy. wife. homemaker.

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Simple story, really. My background is in communication and marketing. In July 2004, my husband and I were blessed with our daughter Lillian. Of course, learning I was to have a baby burst me into an all-consuming quest for things cool and hip in the mommy-hood world. I am now a SAHM with a yearning to do what I love...and make a living doing it! I traded running between board meetings (and the coffee maker) to running between the sewing machine, princess dress-up, back to the sewing machine, to games of freeze tag and tea parties, and back again to the sewing machine. Life couldn't be busier...or better! As a child, my nonny (aka grandma) taught me the sewing basics during our family visits and my mother carried on the lessons in between and over the years. She is a remarkable quilter with her own business and my sister, too, is an avid seamstress. I suppose the old addage "it runs in the family" rings true in our clan! So, combining my greatest passions of family and sewing (yes, I'm a self-admitted "fabric-holic!") came Dine.n.Doodleâ,,¢ chalk mats and Roll.n.Go Crayonsâ,,¢, inspired by my daughter's love of drawing and coloring. She's the "Lil B." of Lil.B.Designs. Dine.n.Doodles are surely my creative outlet, and Lilly is my constant daily inspiration (and sewing side-kick!). She collects my remnants for her own projects, and I can see already we have the next sewing apprentice blossoming in the family. It brings me such joy to share my passion of sewing and creating with her and to share my Dine.n.Doodles with you. Happy Doodling! Cheers, Rachel