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Granite Falls, WA, United States

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Hand crafted boutique-style clothing & accessories for little dogs.

Coming Soon: Artful designs for their human compan


I adore Chihuahuas, dogs, cats and am a lifelong animal lover and crafter. I enjoy tent camping with my family and spending time with my grandkids. By the grace of God I've been married to my husband over 36 years. We have 4 grown children & 6 grands.

Skills and Techniques

Serging, wool felting, textile upcycling, hand sewing, machine quilting, knit, crochet

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Get to Know

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest with the woods outside my door I discovered early the boundless magic of imagination. Exploration, adventure and creative pursuits were available whenever childhood duties were fulfilled.

Those carefree days are gone but the magic remains, still compelling me to create and explore. Now I get to play with color, texture and design in another realm. A childish secret wish was to have my own mini creatures to dress and carry around with me. In the woods I had my imaginary faerie friends. I loved the stories of "The Borrowers" and dreamed of having a tiny family scurrying secretively around my room. Today creating adorable outfits for my Chihuahuas and their buddies to prance around in brings the same delight!

I've always dabbled in some craft form or another, and can hardly manage to sit without something in my hands to create. Fashioning preloved materials into an article the recipient is excited and proud to acquire brings extra satisfaction. It's a perfect opportunity to preserve a slice of history while reducing fodder for the landfills. I've been experimenting and hope to add upcycled pieces to my offerings in the near future. For now my creations cater to tiny fur babies like mine and are fashioned from quality new materials.

As you browse through my studio, I'd love to know which items are your "favorite" and I hope you'll share them with friends who appreciate artfully handcrafted quality. Thanks for stopping by!

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