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Tauranga, New Zealand, New Zealand

Quick Blurb

I have been "making things" as far back as I can remember. My first love is machine embroidery and applique.


fabric, wool, embroidery threads,

Skills and Techniques

machine knitting, dressmaking, crocheting, picture framing, embroidery digitizing,cross stitch, quilting, polymer clay, wire sculpture,

Get to Know

I live in New Zealand in a beautiful area called Tauranga which is part of the Bay of Plenty where everything grows in abundance. The years have seen me being involved in dressmaking, crocheting, machine knitting, picture framing, machine embroidery, digitizing and quilting. As I live "downunder" postage needs to be considered. With that in mind I decided I would turn my skills and knowledge into PDF templates and machine embroidery designs which can be emailed. Thank you for reading my story. Lynn