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Horizon City, TX, United States


I get inspired by all living things, landscapes, the sky, nature. I love the handmade, with texture and lots of colors.

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Hello, My Friend!
My name is Patti. I would describe myself as a Nomad Artist, not because I move from place to place but because I move from art form to art form. As a child, I acquired from my grandmother the love of handmade arts and crafts. At school, I always took part in Theater class and always volunteered to help with the theatrical scenery setups and decorations. As an adult, I took painting and drawing classes and I fell in love with the acrylics, oil paints, watercolors and the way they empower me to let out my creative juices flow. I have designed jewelry, worked with mosaics, and now I am into mixed media art and journaling.
My art style is whimsical, I like to get out of reality and spend time with talking animals living in a faraway place, where bunnies wear bonnets and carry baskets with home grown carrots. Yes, Disney world! Or as my husband would say La, la, land!
But I also hate to be put in a box with a style label because I do believe that you should be guided by what you are feeling in the moment, let your own creativity dictate what style you are using and what medium to use.