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CLARKDALE, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to my shop, take a look around, any questions or requests, just ask. Enjoy!


Wire wrapped jewelry of copper, sterling silver, and 14k gold filled. I enjoy making my handmade wind chimes of metal and beads. I use my personal photos to make photos and cards, and I enjoy making crocheted doilies. So many colors to choose from!

Skills and Techniques

Most of items are wire wrapped, Jewelry and Wind Chimes. Wind Chimes are mostly copper and beads. Jewelry is rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches, Ear Cuffs, Earrings, Pendants, and Lanyards. The Jewelry is made of all kinds of metals, mostly copper and Sterling Silver. I have made doilies several years ago, now have started making them again to add to my shop. Mostly because it is starting to be a lost art.

Find me online @:

http://www.MDavisDesigns.artfire… http://www.MDavisDesigns2.etsy.c………

Get to Know

Here is a little bit about me, the artist. I really like making and designing all my items. I had started making cards and doilies, to add variety for my shop. If there's one thing that defines you, what is it? I am a fair, honest, and happy-go-lucky person. I am a personable person that is sincere with feelings, not a fake. I am myself, not what another person wants me to be. Where do you live and what is it like? I live in Clarkdale, Arizona. Here I have the opportunity of different shops in the area to sell my items. Where did you learn to craft? I learned from Preston Ruether, a master wire sculptor. I bought his set of CDs and learned how to do a lot of what I do, I have some magazines and books that have helped, and I made things up as I went along. And even have done some jewelry tutorials. For the doilies, I have learned this from my female relatives, mom, Aunt Mary, and grandma. What are your goals with your ArtFire studio? To be a shop that people come to for a gift for a loved one, or just for themselves. Where do you receive you inspiration, in general? I get inspired in seeing others beautiful works, or get excited because someone bought something of mine, and they loved it. It keeps me going to make new items. How did you come to selling crafts? I have always admired beautiful jewelry, never thought of making it until just a few years ago when I bought some handcrafted piece of jewelry from a local crafter that just fell apart right away. After that happened, something clicked, and I thought, I can make jewelry better than that! And I feel I have! Who are your other favorite ArtFire artists? Even though I have some favorites, it would not be fair to others if I said who the favorites are. We have some awesome Artisans on Artfire, and everyone has their own unique style and beauty. What is the best piece of advice you can give other crafters? If you enjoy a hobby or craft, then maybe you can try selling your items, make some money and have fun along the way. Success is "If it is to be, it will happen", that's what I believe. If you won a thousand dollar craft shopping spree, what would you spend it on? I would spend some of the money on other stores in ArtFire to share the love. I hope you enjoy my shop, let me know what you think, I answer most of my emails since I am not working outside the home. And I enjoy comments. Love and God Bless, Marian

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