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West Linn, OR, United States


My interests are mostly artistic. I take pictures almost everywhere I go and spend hours on Photoshop, editing them. I also draw and paint. My other love is writing and I am writing a novel and a cookbook. I also really love to cook1 My blog is "The Vintage Cook and her Cats." I have been inspired by the people that came before me in my life. My artist mom, photographer dad, uncle and grandfather, my baker grandmother.
I am retired now and finally have the time for all of my interests. And I do keep busy "working for myself".

Skills and Techniques

My special photography skill is my photographer's "eye". When I was a child my photographer dad bought me a camera. He was also a pharmacist and ran the photography section in his drugstore. He took my exposed film to work with him and brought home the prints. Then we would go over them and he would critique. In college, my major was journalism, so I took photography classes at Oregon State. After college I worked at a small town newspaper and so I learned that skill too. I shoot pictures constantly and always have. I see the world through my lens even if my camera is not with me. Thank heavens for cell phones with cameras.

I also love to write, knit, cook, make jewelry.

Get to Know

I LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES. My camera is rarely out of arm's reach. I am the daughter of a professional photographer and he started training me to "shoot pictures" when I was about 5. I've been doing it ever since. This is the first opportunity I've had to have my own gallery and share my stuff with the world, other than FaceBook. I have so much fun being out and about with my camera.

I shoot "raw" which means my stuff has lots of pixels and can be enlarged to almost any standard size. All of my works are professionally printed on archival paper so they will last for years to come.