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I love people, their faces, specially eyes, with my art I want to capture the beauty of the person, the moment and the feelings.
I have big family with four wonderful children and my passion for making portraits came from them. I love to capture the time, the smile, the glow in their eyes and put this on the canvas or paper.

Skills and Techniques

I paint in all kind of techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, pencil drawing, charcoal sketches, soft pastels, oil pastels, blue pen...
I would like people to stop at my portraits and think about the person on the canvas, think who they are, what is their story... to create their own story....

Get to Know

I am Mateja and I come from small European country Slovenia, I live in small village with my husband and four beautiful children and our dog.
Since I was a little girl I loved art, but I have never found right time and courage for starting my own art. Few years ago I have challenged myself and joined art class, than I have find my talent for portrait drawing. Since than this is my passion.
I am an economist by profession and have been working in finance for 15 years, but I have been missing the emotions, the passion, the beauty of the people and I have decided to follow my heart and embrace the talent I have.

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