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My mother was an artist, a bohemian painter. I guess I inherited her love for creating art. Whether it's a portrait, crafting or jewelry I give all the credit to her for leading the way.
She passed away from cancer in 1997. I donate a portion of my sales or in some cases my items (to be auctioned for charity) to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. I may live in the states but cancer is worldwide and I want everyone and anyone to benefit.

Skills and Techniques

OCD & ADHD! Those are my super powers and special skills!

Get to Know

Welcome to the mad mad world of Madame Alchemy! Trying to stick to one style is not possible for me. As a quintessential OCD crafter I can jump from clay to metalwork and then from jewelry to paper craft within the same project "Madame Alchemy" just seemed to fit.
I started messing around with broken watches and jewelry I had lying about and started giving them new lives in other pieces of art or jewelry. I started selling my creations to friends and it snowballed from there.

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