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Dalhousie, Nb, Canada


There is not much that I don't find interesting. I love all things that are different and unique. Nature is one of those things that will always surprise you with its grace and beauty. I try to make my products to be the same way...unique and bold.

Skills and Techniques

I use a variety of techniques in my work. I work mostly with metal when it comes to my jewelry. Soldering, etching, repousse and forming are just a few things I do with metal.

Get to Know

Madame Bijoux is a home-based handmade jewelry business. I make everything myself from mostly raw materials. I have recently added a handmade cosmetics line which I called Kiss Bisou which showcases my natural and preservative free cosmetic and beauty products.

Everything I make (especially the cosmetics) are tested on myself first to make sure the quality of my items are the best they can be. I have very sensitive skin so I feel comfortable saying if a cosmetic doesn't bother me it is unlikely to bother most people. However, please always check the ingredients and materials used in each product you buy for anything you may be allergic to before ordering. If something I make has an ingredient you are allergic to please message me and I will try to find a suitable substitute for that ingredient for material.

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