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DesPlaines, Illinois, United States

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Pets And People Photos Submitted Customized, Personalized FREE,No Publications used,Handmade.

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We enjoy creating for your pleasure, your Photos submitted FREE. At, No Publications used, Only Photos with permission given. Juried Crafters, Juried Crafts,invited by all venues,'Creating for our Mixed Media Originals at

Skills and Techniques

Enjoy pleasing returning patrons with our appreciated skills as tailors and designers.Uniquely Handmade Original 'Wishcloths' make at hit every show.Reports;"They do not fray after 2 yrs washing".

College students report;"Mom told me "choose what U need", not wishing their previous purchase to leave their home.See Gene's Pet Supplies, Elaine's Arts, Encaustic,and Alcohol Ink Arts displayed at venues;

Newest;Lacy Pet Bride Gowns,Tux,Soft S

Find me online @:

Get to Know

At young ages before knowing of each other. Gene & I were handy as crafters in our own ways while raising our Beautiful family in Maine Township, DesPlaines, Ill. Gene with his clothing/tailoring shop. I Showing & Grooming & my Winning West Highland White terriers from Canada to Texas. Seeing nothing as having in mind at any venues attended, decided to create my 'Pets & Thier People on Gems of their photos submitted' as my 1st items. Contacting Judges who put up my charges for 'Big Wins' were pleased to give me rights to use their beautiful winning dogs & cats photos. I Use No Publications in my coveted album growing with submitted photos does attest.One such photo is an 'African grey parrot on water skis'. For this order I created earrings of rectangle pearl.

Gene, his bowling,crafting,inventing. Together we opened Maine Pet Supply & Grooming which we had for 15 yrs. Now working at home doing the same with Main Grooming AND Crafts allowing us more time to continue as today with most of our children grown and on their own as Professionals in their own fields. 'Events' page can be seen on our site. page where photos can be delivered in our secure 'ContactUs' form. We will respond.

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    Your Photo in MOP Pearl inlay surrounded by chain-reversing to delicate Abalone Shell.

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    Our double sided , high pile Cotton Chenille, Useful 13x 10" Wishcloths always a hit.Clients report='No Fray after 2 yrs washing'.

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    8x10" Nitefishing of 'self w/1st pup' series.

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    '99.9% Pure silver' Cairn Pendant carved of Submitted Photo.Order yours.