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Franklin, North Carolina, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to MakinsByJBH! We are ..Judy(creative crafter) and Rudy(professional photographer). Enjoy your time at our studio.


Photography, HGTV, DIY, Paper Making, Cards, Paper Ornaments, Quilting, crocheting, Projects using old quilts, Reading, knitting.

Skills and Techniques

Teaching craft classes, working with older adults, photography, making cards, using toss away things in my crafts, making frames

Get to Know

I'm a "don't throw that away, throw it my way" kinda gal. Therefore my cup [craft room] runneth over, and spilleth out into the rest of our home! I save used tissue paper, colored junk mail [for making paper], silver paper from candy, chips, etc. I have more than my share of discarded wall paper books, and also collect buttons. All of these I use in my crafting. I have always been interested in crafting, especially those done by hand. I do use my sewing machine occasionally, but I don't particularly enjoy it. I would rather be using my glue gun, stamping, or stitching on a project while sitting in my favorite recliner. I love making yoyos!!! I hate patterns, and most instructions. I prefer coming up with my own ideas, or looking at a design and putting my own spin on it. My friends joke about my craft room, being a store, because I have supplies for just about any thing in the crafting field. I like knowing, when an idea hits me, I have what I need close at hand. I've never been able to settle on one medium. I know it would simplify my life, and craft room, if I could, but it's not in me. I like doing most everything in the crafting field. Right now, I am having fun with paper. Making my own paper, cards and paper ornaments. Now I have a confession to make that will shock most of you. I have never done any scrapbooking, and the only jewelry, I have made, has been with fabric. Please, don't throw stones!!!! I had to draw the line somewhere!! Being a gilts and glitter gal, I will admit, I'm leaning more and more toward making jewelry with beads and baubles. Just as most crafters, I have done my share of craft shows through the years. I always enjoyed meeting the people, and felt honored when they choose to buy something I had created. In 2004, I had a great opportunity dropped in my lap. Our Junior College was looking for someone to teach crafts to residents of three nursing homes and one adult day care center. Since teaching classes is something I enjoy, I jumped at the chance. The residents were so grateful, and I felt very humble that something, so easy for me, brought such joy to others. It was a sad day (after nine months) when the program ended. I couldn't believe, something even more rewarding would come out of this experience. I became the Activities Director at one of the facilities, and worked there for one and a half years. My husband and I have been married forty six years, have two grown sons,and live in the beautiful mountains of southwestern North Carolina. We have been here fourteen years, and it was a dream come true for us. We are blessed to know our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to be part of a loving church family. I joined Artfire in March 2009, but I've been slow getting started. I'm bringing in the New Year, with a resolution, to really get going, and add more items to my studio. My husband is an accomplished, professional photographer, and I will have his prints available also. I do so appreciate you stopping by. I hope I have something right for you, if not, you are welcome to browse again any time. If you wish to buy in bulk to resale [especially personalized items], I am interested in working with you. Everything in my studio, is made in our smoke and pet free home.