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Tashkent, Ta, Uzbekistan


Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Tien Shan mountains, and special color. All this affects the palette of colors. A special way of applying sharp strokes to the canvas, creating a texture, a pulsating background, an intuitive construction of perspectives, the transition from geometric shapes to a smooth flora patterns, all this makes my work alive and breathing.
Some of my works are made in a mixed technique, when I use a brush and gold paint, when I need to show the necessary mood. I rarely use semitones in my works, so they are somewhat impulsive, which distinguishes them from works of other artists. During my studies, I was fond of symbolism and this influenced on my work. Looking at my picture you can see the hidden meaning, hints, symbols. I like to do that my work can be viewed from different directions to get pleasure and to find a new one every time. So do not rush, pay attention to the fragments. The motto - painting is a special kind of thinking!
My colors selected for artificial lighting, will decorate the modern and classical interior, show the status, will be of interest to people of different generations. My work is pleasing, asking questions, setting up success, career growth, giving positive emotions, charging with optimism. All this distinguishes my work.

Skills and Techniques

My drawing style is unusual. I use a large steel spatula to paint. I almost never use a brush, instead I use a palette knife. I am not satisfied with the finished colors, so I first mix the right colors in special containers and only then I start working. Therefore, the colors in my paintings are unique. They do not repeat.

Get to Know

Here are the works of a professional artist - abstractionist from Uzbekistan. All paintings are original and in one copy. Pictures are painted in oil or acrylic on canvas. Each work is unique. Mansour does not draw to order, so even if asked to draw a copy, this will not happen.