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Arlington, MA, United States

Quick Blurb

I love creating jewelry in my studio, with my Italian Greyhound for company, surrounded by colorful beads, metals and tools.

Skills and Techniques

Wire Wrapping, Beading, Cold Forging, Forming Metal, Cold Connection Techniques on Metal

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Get to Know

I love creating jewelry in my studio, with my Italian Greyhound for company, surrounded by colorful beads, metals and tools.

I have always loved making things. As a child I loved to draw, paint, string beads, play with clay, anything creative. My first attempt at fashion design was wrapping and tying fabric scraps around my Barbie dolls. I learned to sew and embroider from my aunt and to crochet from my mother. My family always supported and encouraged my creativity. In junior high and high school I took every art and sewing class available to me. I attended Massachusetts College of Art, concentrating on painting, drawing, photography and some jewelry design courses. I then attended The School of Fashion Design in Boston, where I learned to draft patterns to turn my sketched ideas into garments as well as further developed and polished my sewing skills.

During and after college I worked in retail managing a popular local women's clothing boutique. During that time I started a small beaded jewelry line, which I sold in a few stores along with doing mostly custom work. I eventually opened my own clothing and accessories boutique where I sold my jewelry as well as jewelry, accessories and hosiery by others, women's clothing and shoes. I enjoyed my customers, but found most of my time was spent running the store and less and less on creating. After owning the store for 10 years, I decided to close the store and concentrate on designing and making clothing and jewelry.

I now divide my time between designing my clothing line, Marcelle Designs, launched in 2001 and sold on my website, and my jewelry line, Marcelle Bijoux, launched in 2008 and sold here as well as on Etsy and my own website. I love spending most of my time in my studio near Boston, MA accompanied by my sweet Italian Greyhound, Sophia Loren. I am constantly learning new techniques and perfecting my craft in jewelry making, pattern drafting and sewing. Everything I sell is completely handcrafted by me in my studio. I am addicted to beads, metal, fabric and tools and love being surrounded by them all day! I find inspiration in the rich colors and textures of the materials I am working with. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a circle of creative friends, all of them talented artists and musicians, and a nurturing, encouraging and supportive family. Design and creativity have become a way of life, and I am happiest when creating something beautiful. I am always thrilled to find my customers enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy making them.