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Saint James, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

Former metallurgical engineer, now a jewelry designer - oh - did I mention a decorative painting career somewhere in between!


Metal Fabrication, Metal Clay, decorative painting, volunteering (especially for Guide Dog Foundation and VetDogs.)

Get to Know

From engineering to decorative painting to jewelry design and fabrication - I have finally found my niche! I enjoy constructing beautiful jewelry. As a former engineer, constructing a durable piece that will not give way is important to me. It's a challenge figuring out the best way to build a piece. As a former decorative painter I search for a pleasing combination of form and color. The pieces I create offer the best of all worlds for jewelry that you will truly cherish! I am also a volunteer with the Guide Dog Foundation and their sister organization, VetDogs, which provides service dogs to our veterans who are disabled. My Perky's Paw Necklace is a fundraiser piece that benefits VetDogs. A future collection is planned for kindred dog lovers!