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Ann arbor, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi! I sell mostly button (pinback badges and magnets!) and also paintings and books I've done.


buttons,goth,mod,1980s,socialism,badges,magnets,art deco, punk, 1920s, Tamare de Lempicka, Gerda Wegener, purple, black, hard femme style, luna moths, Hellenic paganism, Hellenic polytheism, Hellenismos, Boeotian paganism, Boeotian polytheism, Paul Gaugui

Skills and Techniques

Buttons are designed on my computer, printed out from my home printer, and then cut and pressed in my drawing room -- sometimes my cats interfere with one or all three steps in the process. A lot of pics are culls from image searches (Skinny Puppy and Edward Culver have ostensibly approved of my buttons using their images via Instagram pics, and also former members of The Moment and Merton Parkas when I was still on Etsy, and The Easybeats from a Mod weekender), and I really try to steer clear of currently-active bands,except when customer demand is high. (If you feel I've wronged you with any of my button designs, PLEASE message me **first** -- I'd rather stay in your good graces. Keep in mind, though, that my primary income is less than $975/month in disability allowance, and this has barely been qualifying as a secondary income since forced off Etsy, at a so-far less than $40/month, average. I'm no threat to your potential income -- none at all. I can barely pay my rent and bills, feed my cats and myself, and have less than $150 left to really live on. I'll gladly do custom bulk orders for you, if you choose to inquire.)

My beadwork is generally a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, whenever the inspiration strikes me, or someone can convince me to duplicate something (not hard to do, though if marked "one of a kind / OOAK" don't be surprised if I can't.

Get to Know

"Goth DJ, Mod scribe, Boeotian theologian, Kyrenaic philosopher, and button Czar" - Edward Butler, Platonist Just another Etsy refugee trying to eek out a modest income to keep my kitties fed. :-) First viewing of RHPS in 1994, Goth since 1995, and MSTie since 1999! Weaving between Goth, Mod, and Dieselpunk subcultures since 2004.

I've been making and selling buttons since 2003, and I've recently been branching out into necklaces and earrings. My necklaces have mostly been rosary-style (grew up in Catholic school, so I'm entertained by the casual blasphemy ;-) ), and also flip-closure tassel style (most common in the 1920s) and opera-length tassels. Earrings have been kind of mixed drop-styles, until I pick up on a style I really like.

My paintings have been compared to Gauguin, but my primary influences have been ancient Greek vase style with the bright bold colouring of the Pop Art movement, and the striking geometry and sharp lines of Art Deco painters (like Tamara de Lempicka and Gerda Wegener).

My novels are printed on-demand from CreateSpace; I order four at a time twice a year, and I approve the prints before putting them up for sale on my shop (any with printing defects are not listed and returned). All are signed with my "signature" purple-ink pens (request ballpoint or quill), personal inscriptions at buyer request.

I make Hellenic alphabet divination tiles, but modern/Attic based on the "Homeric Alphabet oracle" (system description and history easily found for free online), and the Boeotian alphabet system of my own design (freely available on my blog, Of Thespiae, and shipped with a print of hand-written key). These are made from Sculpy polymer clay, debossed with hand tools (for tactlie emphasis for the visually challenged/impaired), painted, and glazed. These are made sporadically -- don't judge.

At some point, I'm going to start doing reproductions of 1920s beadwork, made on-demand, depending on when my hands are feeling up to it.

Other planned projects include:
* prints of art photos and photo documents from (now-defunct) Club Labyrinth in Detroit, 1999 through 2002, where I worked as staff photographer for Resurrektion Saturdays and as a DJ for Old School Fridays -- individual prints and photobooks are both in the planning stages.
* a photo collection of myself from various clubs and parties through the years ("Evolution of a Goth's Look")
* soft-sculpture sock kittens for Black Cat Rescue
* hair jewellery
* umbrella alterations