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Vancouver, Wa, United States

Quick Blurb

People at work love my Accessorizing with Breakaway Lanyard, Beaded Jewelry, Barrette's, and Knitted Scarf's.


There are So many things in Wearable Art. Jewelry Bags, Hand Sewed Bags, Quilts, Beading Patterns, Note Pad Cover I love to create! Clothing that really fits! I really like to see something in my mind and then make it!

Skills and Techniques

I love reading about and looking at Sewing, Beading, Wearable Art in different styles. Once I see it in my mind what I'm going to design, I'm ready to develop a pattern, and make the project! I see the Beauty in things, this brings so much Joy and Love into my life!

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Get to Know

I have been sewing, crafting for 40 plus years.. I learned from my Mom and Grandma, my Grandma was a tailor; I've also taken different kinds of classes. Making my own patterns is absolutely fun! I have been Beading for the last 20 plus years. Making jewelry or beading cloth has always given me joy! I love making Art with multiple types mediums, I think my favorite type would be either cloth or beads. I love making patterns! Beading, Crochet, Stick Weaving and sewing!

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    I started with making Lanyards for me at my company, people just love them and wanted this full color break away lanyard. themselves! :)

  • MelodyAnnsCreations' Photo Gallery

    My mom started knitting last year and is still making beautiful hair pieces and bolo's. the people where I work just love these designs for long hair.

  • MelodyAnnsCreations' Photo Gallery

    Here a beautiful Bolo and Hair barrette Knitted by my Mom.

  • MelodyAnnsCreations' Photo Gallery

    Here I beaded using a small size 10 bead, a rope Necklace for my sister-in-law!